Jeremy Gluck



A series of minimalist text-based art memes created from the destroyed logo for "no-production", my newest neologistic platform, these have the quality of collapse, with something sad and neglected about them that I like. People talk about a "dying art". I am after art that looks like it is dying. Democratising through demolition, no-production responds to Anthropocentric culture, work just to be used and discarded, art that I think I want to make that once made doesn't even interest me, that once made I would disown.

Rebecca Hann

Ocean Breeze (2021)

Moving Image

Duration: 1min 05 Seconds


Thoughts of overconsumption have always bothered me, the idea that in some ways the human race has been brained washed into thinking that having so much variety for one product was somehow a good thing.  Not long before writing this, I was working in a supermarket, picking people's shopping, and it wasn’t till then it clicked into my head how hideous the situation of consumption has become.


In the early hours walking around with the big trolleys picking what the little handheld device told me too, I would get confused over what item I was picking up, they all looked the same, with the odd difference only seen when looking closely.


The product that took my attention to dig further was the clothes washing products, the softeners with added scent.  At first look I would think about how brightly they were all coloured, was this a way to draw people’s eyes, to make them seem more palatable to the public?

They all had names, intended to allow the purchaser to know what smell their clothes would hold once the washing process was complete.


The idea of imitation regarding these products was immense, imitation of the smell of the ocean did not sit well with me, especially as the production of these household products are to blame for the deterioration of many lakes and rivers from the bi product of manufacturing.


I thought about how we live in a world where the imitation of nature and the planet has not only taken over from the original but the sense that we have all now been programmed to think this is the world we want to live in.  Is there no going back?  The effect of human consumption and capitalist structure is destroying our planet.