Sarah Rychtarova

Hormone Hell of Mother Earth (2021)

Duration: 00:53 Seconds


New Moon

Blood flow

Night time

Wake now

  Womb tight

 Pain build

 Sleep no


 Bright day

  Grass bed

 Sky quilt

  Sleep come

  Birds chirp

  Bees hum

   Wash done

The Monthly Squeeze (2021)

Duration: 00:38 Seconds

Performative video works using blood collected by mooncup in a monthly menstrual bleed and a clay uterus:


The Monthly Squeeze - the hand gripping the uterus is a metaphor for the pain I experience each month. It literally feels as if a hand is clutching at my womb and squeezing the last blood from it as I near menopause. The pain is caused by a high level of prostaglandins due to oestrogen dominance in perimenopause, the same pain experienced in my early miscarriages caused by progesterone too low to maintain pregnancy.

Xenohormones of Patriarchy (2021)

(Hormone Hell on Mother Earth)

Pre or Perimenopause is a phenomenon experienced by the present generations of women in their 30’s to 50’s due to daily exposure to high levels of oestrogens in the environments of industrialised countries.


Xenohormones are responsible for hormonal disruptions and reproductive organ damage to all living creatures whilst developing in the womb and throughout life.  All life on earth is being bombarded with these hormones through our water systems, food chains, the air and petrochemical products.


“...xenohormone toxicity may not show up until the midlife of the generation born after the generation exposed.” John R. Lee M.D, ‘What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause’ 1999.


The body of work created by Sarah for this exhibition raises awareness of symptoms and causes of perimenopause through her own experience of oestrogen dominance in the body.

Battle for Balance - Xeno’s v Bio-identicals (2021) - Installation

The pots have been collected after use over the years since symptoms began, containing plant-based bio-identical progesterone cream.

Hazard labels on the pots indicate safety hazards to biological reproductive systems; and everyday commercial products, the substances of which can cause disruption to the endocrine system.