Evie Banks


'The Negative Effect' (2021)

Size: 75cm x 101cm

Through paint i attempt to highlight the beauty of up close compositions of the natural landscape, sometimes focusing on areas that may be overlooked. With a basis in colour theory, my paintings have a striking aesthetic that results in a visual dynamic and aesthetic. In ‘The Negative Effect’ I have highlighted the negative transition in relationship of humans with nature and the damaging effects we are causing. Colours usually so bright have been censored by a monochromatic wash, creating a dulled down and “damaged” depiction of nature. With glimpses of the natural beauty beneath, shown in the vibrant colours, I am perhaps suggesting there is still hope for a balancing of earth, however small.

Daisy Buckle

‘Reclamation’ (2021)


For this work, I was thinking about how the Anthropocene is something which seems to be a distorted amalgamation of nature and human made. I documented places and things where I could see this happening, because when told about anthropocentric living, it is easy to become desperate and worried about the future, but I liked to look at it from the point of view of nature reclaiming something which was once human. I wanted to look for any hope in something so surreal and almost fictional. Showing how materials are taken for granted and how they can be beautiful in an ugly situation.