Part Two Brain Farts

Updated: Aug 26

In part Two of my writing, Im sharing with you the small introduction to the section.

Part Two

The will to keep going

I have always been an advocate for creativity being an amazing and special tool to help with mental health issues, and before I continue writing I must make it clear that I do still believe in this idea and have researched into many different branches of this subject along my journey of my artistic self-discovery.

The past week has been difficult, to say the least, and since last September I have found that writing down even just the smallest of thoughts has helped with my mental overload which can cause me to zone out and feel as if I am having an anxiety attack.

Writing has never been my go-to creative outlet, but I had decided that I would just go with it and see where it ended up. Though at times I have even found it difficult to write, let alone edit videos, draw or paint and I know my creatives outlets are an amazing way to relieve myself of anxiety, but at this very point even the thought of participating in many of my favorite creative activities seems exhausting, so I will need to just go with what I feel comfortable enough with without feeling like I’m going to lose my breathe and pass out.

Over the past few weeks, the inspiration for drawing has taken a complete nosedive. My magical idea for this book to include photos from Scotland with whimsical drawings that just flowed from my head is at a point of no more.

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