After my last post I felt it was time to update. The exhibiton that I was involved in at the espaciogallery went really well, though there was no time to take it in as not long after the lockdown came into effect.

All I had to do was not go stir crazy while trying to finish off my degree (online) which you can imagine for a Fine Art degree it is very hard.

Now I am at the point where everything has now been handed in and I just have to wait for my marks. A little nervous!!

So for now I will be concentrating on making work, looking through old footage from the past couple of years and see where I want to head to now, within reason of course. lol.

A few new videos have been added to the site, with more to come as I work through all these complicated emotions and feelings that in the end just drive my work even further forward.

I will now go back to my book, as I now seem to have all the time in the world to read now.

Here is a little still from one of my videos ( these are something I am contemplating on getting printed for selling.


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