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3rd August 2021

The horrible pain of one minute feeling absolutely fine to the next feeling as if I am going to faint from the build-up of anxiety.

I am fully aware that at this point I still have a mixture of hormones flying around my body, but with that along with stress and trauma from the past few weeks, `I am starting to feel a little helpless.

Only 20 mins ago I was in the shower starting to feel a whole lot more positive about life, and not even 5 minutes after getting dressed and getting on with my day I start to feel weak, exhausted, and just downright hopeless.

I will have to keep this short as I do feel my brain seizing up again, I am just hoping that later on in the day I can carry on with some illustrations I started a few days ago as well as Cooking some Fimo accessories I made almost 3 weeks ago that need to be bought to their final conclusion ( being added to my shop, but more on that later)

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