Brain Farts.....incomplete

Welcome to my third installment of I'm not so quietly going a little crazy. My incomplete book.

16th July 2021

Now it has got to a point where I am starting to feel that I want to write a conclusion from over the last few weeks, the thoughts, anguish, and annoyance of how I feel on a daily basis.

I started today with a plan, maybe not a very straightforward plan (which is the way I usually work……. stuck in a repeating world of chaos moving too quickly from one thing to the next)

The first part was, as you may have guessed, writing this.

My plans in my head always sound better than when I go to action them, though today I will try my best, while in the midst of feeling overwhelmed and agitated, which to be honest is very distracting.

It could just be the fact I don’t have the mental capacity to deal with intoxicated people later at work.

Conclusion to part one will come tomorrow, or at least by the end of the weekend.

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