Brain Farts!!!!!

Updated: Aug 17

Welcome to the beginning of me using this blog to actually write something I feel is worthwhile and to be honest, has been a massive antidote to my ongoing problems with my anxiety and general brain going off on a long and fast ride I feel I never have any control over...........and breathe

Here I am going to add snippets from a book I have started writing that has the mode of a diary of sorts, that brings to light the maniv=cness `i sometimes feel through my creative endeavors.

5th July 2021

I feel a great sense of overload in my brain, I have all these pieces of work I want to get on with but the feeling that overwhelms me is sending me into a dark place of wanting to lay down all day and do nothing.

I have managed to continue with selecting my instant photos from my time away in Scotland and placing them into a nice artbook to help with my inspiration. Many words and pieces of knowledge will transpire into that photobook, hopefully I will in some way sounds slightly smart.

Well………... better get back to it, I can’t just be willy nilly writing on this laptop all day.

Ps. I miss being around creative people.

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