Book Insert (brain Pop Fart)

Still In part Two

17th August 2021

Decided today that I am going to write a little bit now and more later. Why do I always tell myself I want to go out and do things when in reality most of the time I just can’t be bothered, well that and I get annoyed with people in general.

Also, in today’s general moody and can’t be bothered-ness, I had written a few things down in the diary to achieve on Monday (today is Tuesday) and got ZERO done. I didn’t even look at my diary to see what I had written, does anyone else do this?????

Anyway, more on that later.

Back again, and still have not had a particularly productive day, apart from dying my hair blue (again).

I have managed to build up quite a substantial amount of footage, but as always seems to be the case recently I only seem to have energy and gumption for this, my writing.

My diary had a list of moving image work and looking at the layout for this book, maybe later this evening I will have the energy for those items, but right now I just want to lay my head down (which now I can’t as I have hair dye processing on my head, no need to make my pillow even more blue than it already is)

Anyway enough on that, let’s take the next step to build my amazing creative endeavor.

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