Book Insert brain flop (fart)

Just FYI before we begin, none of my writing has been proofread yet so if there are any spelling mistakes or sentences that don't quite make sense, this will be rectified.

22nd August 2021

I really wish I could keep this on track, I can make my brain work in a way where I did not feel overwhelmed repeatedly. I find it hard not to feel lonely too, something that everyone feels so often, especially now. I can’t figure out why I feel sooooo much like I’m failing all the time.

I keep thinking about how I am going to get this book anywhere that’s not just my laptop.

I feel lost and completely blasted from the last few months, years. I’m not sure how I got here.

Even the thought of re reading what has been written is starting to feel me with dread, but I Know that it is the only way to keep this going.

I need a beer.

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