A very long drawn out brain fart!!!

After a little break, and what feels like a whole jumble of brain spits and farts that have been ever so slightly uncontrollable, here is another entry from my book.

My writing has taken a bit of a back seat recently while I have been sorting myself out.

1st September 2021

Coming back round from the other day when I wrote about stopping and chilling, everything has come to a bit of a head where I feel I cannot get on with anything, and even writing this right now I feel sick and woozy.

So, this has just led me to being pushed into not doing an awful lot apart from staring into space and lying down. At this point in time, this right here, this writing that I am working on is the most important adventure I have been on and once my brain stops going into overdrive soooo much and I don’t hear my heart beating loudly every time it goes quiet I hope I can push further with it (though lessons learned I need to give myself a break and realise I can’t push myself, every day is creative for me, even without putting pen to paper)

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