Rebecca is a UK visual artist with a (BA) Honours in Fine Art Mixed Media from the University of Westminster.
With a practice that spans moving image, photography, installation and illustration, she explores societies growing disconnection to the natural world and the capitalist system we live in, in regards to deteriorating mental health and the future of our planet.

The subjects of technology, artificial imitation, experiences within nature, and cultural products within the media feature strongly in Rebecca's moving image work with water playing a main figure in the narrative, she utilizes the unpredictable nature of this elements movements to strike the idea of how much control we have in this world.
Water also participates in her photography alongside other subjects found in nature, with a focus on how the reflections change with the weather and light and distort natural surroundings, and produces an abstract idea of how we perceive and connect to the natural world that keeps us alive.

Rebecca has recently been researching the links between the Anthropocene and the impact our capitalist system has had on our world and is starting to pursue this closely in some of her latest moving images.

At this point, she is working towards building a creative project called Disconnect, a direct link to her practice to help educate others of the importance of changing our perception of our natural world that will help construct a positive connection to benefit human's mental wellbeing.

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